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Visual Elevator pitch OR so what is it that you do?

Its been a while now since we started working on IAMNEWS – The open news room platform. After the first two weeks of deep thinking about what is the exact dent that we want to put on the face of the earth we started to “projectize” it. We also started to talk about it with the media (social/new/old) folks out there that where enthusiastic about the concept.

Days over days of talking about the IMANEWS concept with potential users/partners/ among the dev team taught us that not only the experience that we are about to offer the users must be simple but, our entire offering. In other words – Nobody care about the big picture, especially if the do not get it in the first 60 seconds (in a personal meeting) and 15 seconds (when they first visit your site).

Once we noticed that, we went to TEA PARTY STUDIO – A group of 3 amazing illustrators based in Tel Aviv and asked them to solve our problem. This is the result. What do you think? is this simple or what?


Hello world!

An old and wise Chinese monk that we invented right in this minute said once:

“To revolutionize the way news are being made,

you will need more than a business card and cool vinyl laptop stickers”

So after 3 months of development we are about to launch a private alpha version of (You’re invited to apply).  We also thought this was the appropriate time to follow the lesson we learned from the Chinese wise man. Introducing our cards/swag:


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