Meet us during TC50 – We’re in the Demo pit

After some  hair pulling days we finally got a message from the Techcrunch 50 crew that said that we made it! we are one of the companies that are granted with the opportunity (that eats our budget) to show our stuff and launch our product in the demo pit. Oh, and they also told us that we didn’t made it to the 50. (an insider whispered to us that if this was a TC60 conference we were in).

Anyway, since we are not Ashton Kutcher we had to keep it as a secret until now.

So here are the details:

We will be in the Demo pit Today (Sept 8) for the entire day. Visit us there!

We will hang around TC50 on Monday and Wednesday too and you can reach us by email (nir.ofir at gmail dot com) or follow our twitter feed at

Here is our contact form and our skype ID is nir.ofir

See you there


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