New Functionality!

Its been 10 days since we started rolling out our alpha and we’ve got news for you!

New Functionality

– Spread the word tools – We’ve added tools for you to tell the world about your assignment using Twitter, Friendfeed, Facebook, blogger and email.
This option is available while you post a new assignments or while you edit the assignment details.
– RSS feeds – Stay updated about new assignments using your RSS feed reader or start page. Look for the RSS icon on our newsroom.

– New notification options – We created a notification center that will help you control which notification you’ll get from iamnews. We’ve also created a notification that will be sent to you when someone posts new content in your assignment. To configure this go to you inbox and look for the “Notification Settings” link

Thats it for now. Let us know what you think about iamnews in our feedback forum here:


Day 3 | 3 updates

1. Its been 3 hectic days since we released our alpha version – Concentrating on fixing small bugs and getting feedback from our new users. We have released dozens of invites and expecting to release more in a few days.

2. Few small fixes and addons that we are planning to release ASAP are

– The abilty to delete assignments

– The ability to shout out easily about assignments using twitter/ blogger/emails

–  Getting an alert when new content was added to my assignment

3.  We looked around and noticed many of our journalist friends are looking for new opportunities. We want to help by designning a new “PRO” profile pages for them so they can easily be found, recognized and hired by publishers from around the world. If you want to help us with that contact us here.

Watch out. Here we come

It’s been a while now since we wrote here. Mostly because we are working hard on the small and important things at iamnews. We are planning to release some invite keys next week and start another session of getting your feedbacks and optimizing iamnews for your needs.

Stay tuned.

Winners! People choice video demo on stage

iamnews won the people choice award at TC50. We want to thank all of our voters and to Techcrunch for the opportunity. Here is a video of Nir Ofir, the founder on stage. Click on the picture to go to the video.

Photo by Steve Maller

TechCrunch 50 – day 3

Finally we have the time to write about our TC50 expirience. IAMNEWS was selected to be one of the demopit companies. We spend the last 2 day around our small round table. We have got the opportunity to demo our product to hundreds of International geeks and geek wannabes (like us and got hundreds of request to be a part of our private alpha launch.

We had great conversations with great people like JD, Chris O’brian, Cathy Brooks, Ouriel Ohayun, Roi Carthy and other thought leaders about Networked Journalism, Blogging and what is the role of our platform in the future of new media.

Unfortunately we didn’t had much time to watch the TCTO demos but we’ll use our free time today to do so.

The Birth of the Open Newsroom: Announcing IAMNEWS.COM private alpha launch

The platform enables everyone to be a part of an open global newsroom and to invite reporters from around the world to participate in the creation of a news. Was founded by Nir Ofir and funded by Dr. Yossi Vardi.

Three years ago, Nir Ofir, an Israeli web entrepreneur,  began writing a science fiction novel. In this novel, (which had been put on hold), Nir imagined a reality in which the average citizen could be part of an innovative news network called iamnews; a network   whose reporters participate in the creation of news.  While describing the adventures of these reporters and their sophisticated means of transmitting their information, Nir realized that this was not the world of science fiction, but something which could be done with today’s technology.

Few months ago Nir left his job and founded IAMNEWS. A service that enables anyone to create a news assignment, invite reporters to participate and submit reports, and then edit and publish the story.

This is how it works:

The Web is the Newsroom
Nir: ”I believe that the Internet of today is already a global newsroom, and we all take part in it. Video sharing, photos, blogs, and social network platforms are our tools for creating news. The most current example of this were the recent reports of the earthquake in China; reports that were communicated by means of a platform such as “Twitter”. These reports preceded formal TV news reporting by the   traditional mass media.”

However, there is problem with this global newsroom. The content and sharing tools which   are available today, (such as we could only dream of three or four years ago)are not sufficiently adequate. The main reason for this is the excess of information. There is so much incoming information that the news networks are unable to screen the material, or select the preferred topics. There is also no current solution for quickly investigating the reliability of this material, or the reputation of its sources. There is simply no way in which to gather the information from so many sources, or effect the collaboration of these sources for the purpose of creating reliable news. Even if this were possible, there would still be no way to compensate the participants for their contributions.

Nir goal is the creation of a news platform which will solve all of these problems. He got his seed money for founding the company from Yossi Vardi.

Why is an Alternative Necessary?
The Media as we know it today is complex and de-centralized. Along with the media magnates and those who monopolize the various sectors of the media, there are groups and individuals who influence the way consumers experience the media. Until a few years ago, we were staunch consumers of the main news channels, but today, there are so many news sources and each targets   a specific, individual need. Until recently, we were media consumers. Now we are participating in its creation.

The alternative, called iamnews changes things. It blurs the line between the media provider and the media consumer. With iamnews, the cooperation between the networked journalists is a powerful resource. We individuals are, in fact, the main source of information, and the implementation of our knowledge and findings can create a global newsroom, just as I had imagined.

iamnews was selected to be one of the Demo pit companies in the techcrunch50 conference. We are launching a private alpha version of our platform while there.

Company fact sheet:
Name: IAMNEWS Ltd.
Location: Tel Aviv
Founder: Nir Ofir    Contact:   Mobile: +972-547767737 (intl)
No’ of employees: 3
Funding: Seed round – Yossi Vardi, Starting Round A funding now

Hi Res logo
iamnews_logo Print

Hi Res illustration
What is - Print

Demo video (older version – not for publicity)

Nir Ofir photo – credit: Yuval mendelson

Meet us during TC50 – We’re in the Demo pit

After some  hair pulling days we finally got a message from the Techcrunch 50 crew that said that we made it! we are one of the companies that are granted with the opportunity (that eats our budget) to show our stuff and launch our product in the demo pit. Oh, and they also told us that we didn’t made it to the 50. (an insider whispered to us that if this was a TC60 conference we were in).

Anyway, since we are not Ashton Kutcher we had to keep it as a secret until now.

So here are the details:

We will be in the Demo pit Today (Sept 8) for the entire day. Visit us there!

We will hang around TC50 on Monday and Wednesday too and you can reach us by email (nir.ofir at gmail dot com) or follow our twitter feed at

Here is our contact form and our skype ID is nir.ofir

See you there


iamnews is an open newsroom platform. We empower publishers and reporters by giving them powerful, easy to use tools for co-creation of news in real time. More >>

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